Reborning Process

Before the reborning process begins I take the plain vinyl kit canvas and give it a warm soapy bath to take off all factory residue.  Once all the parts are completely washed and dried the reborning process can take place.

Paint:  I use Genesis Heat Set paint.  I paint one layer at a time and allow it to cure by baking all the vinyl parts.  Each layer is done like this until I am satisfied with the coloring and realistic tones in the baby.  I will sometimes add  veins on the baby to the head, arms,  hands, legs and feet, along with the blushing. After this process is also cured by baking, then comes the fingernails and toenails with a subtle manicure to add to the realistic features of a real baby. 

Filling the limbs and body: In order to give the baby the realistic weight of a real baby,  I fill the limbs using micro-glass beads, poly-pellets, and poly-fil.   Once I am satisfied with the weight, I will then connect all parts to the body.

Body: Is a doe suede soft body.

Head:  The head can come with or without a magnetic pacifier.  The nose will be opened to make the baby a breather.

Hair: All the babies are micro hand-rooted one strand at a time.  For Custom babies, you choose the color of hair.  I use only the best premium mohair.  This process can take anywhere from 10 to 20 hours depending on the size of the baby’s head. Once all the hair is rooted, it is then washed & conditioned before the baby receives his/her first hair cut.  After the hair is dried it is then sealed from the inside so it can be gently brushed.

Eyes:  You can choose the eye color for customs.  After the eyes are installed then the eyelashes are hand-applied.  If the baby is closed eyed, the eye lashes are hand rooted to match the baby’s hair color.

Earrings: Can be added on customs.  Once all reborning process is finished then the baby is ready to be dressed and put up for adoption.